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Welcome to StruisBaai!

Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions. We endeavour to match your expectations with your experience.

Guests and pets stay entirely at their own risk. We accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever for damages or personal injury sustained to yourselves, your property, and or your pets during your stay at Struisbaai House.

When arriving at Struisbaaihouse please make sure that everything is as you expected, otherwise immediately contact us so that the matter can be rectified.

Struisbaaihouse is solely meant for responsible guests who have a respectful attitude.

It is a place for intimate couples or a small group of friends and their well behaved dogs who want to be undisturbed and enjoy the beauty and wonder of the sea.

It is not suitable for large raucous, partying littering groups who have no regard or understanding of the impact their actions can have. 

NO GROUPS OF BUSINESS MEN OR STUDENTS -- Right of admission is reserved.

The house comfortably sleeps 5/6 people - only under special circumstances will we accept larger groups.

Please do not rearrange the furniture and Please do not take the furniture outside -- there are plastic chairs available for the verandah.

When using the Tumble Dryer it is very important to open the flap on the outside so that the hot air can flow out otherwise the machine will burn out.

Pet Policy: Guests must bring their own pet beds and bowls. Dogs are not allowed on the furniture. Pets must be tick and flea free on arrival. Dog poops must be collected and buried in the garden on departure (on the left of the house facing the sea is a good place). Dogs are not allowed to be locked indoors unattended. Dogs sleep indoors. Guests are responsible for any damages caused by their pets.

We feel very strongly about people having the right attitude. That is far more important than money.

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